Out In The Streets Music & Arts Festival returns July 15th & 16th at its exciting new location - THE WELL BROOKLYN - a massive bar, public house, and performance space housed in the former Hittleman Brewery, a historic building erected in 1867 and a surviving gem on Brooklyn’s once famed Brewer’s Row.

Buscabulla, Psychic Twin
Crush Club, Suburban Living, Cuddle Magic
Monograms, Balun, Surf Rock Is Dead

A Place To Bury Strangers
Tall Juan, What Cheer? Brigade
Acid Dad, Ela Minus, Monogold
Grim Streaker, Pink Mexico, Journalism

Early bird tickets have already sold out!  Tier One tickets are onsale now!

Fusing steadfast Brooklyn staples - Caveman, A Place To Bury Strangers, Monogold - with some of the hottest latin-american sounds - Buscabulla, Tall Juan, Balun, Ela Minus - and some gritty new Brooklyn underground rock & roll - Acid Dad, Grim Streaker, Pink Mexico, Monograms, Surf Rock Is Dead, Journalism - a splash of high-energy dance-pop - Crush Club -  and high-concept chamber pop - Cuddle Magic - some modern new-wave flair - Psychic Twin, Suburban Living, plus a full-on marching band - What Cheer? BrigadeOut In The Streets has something for every curious music lover. The event will feature performances by 20+ bands over the course of two days.